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Specializing in replacement cooling components!

Small Chiller Supply ~ specializes in machine tool, plastic molding, and welding machinery cooling applications. In today's market, most of the machine tools used in the United States are of foreign manufacture. As a result, technical support for the cooling components of this equipment requires an understanding of Kcal/Hr, Watt/Hr, and 50/60Hz-200 volt alternating current or 50/60Hz-377 volt alternating current systems. In many cases the machine builder will only provide complete replacement chillers! Small Chiller Supply has collected and in some cases developed data for this specialized market. With this information, many domestically produced (USA) components can be substituted, and some Small Chiller Supply copyright manuals can be purchased for servicing your specialty units.





Office: (806) 829-2847     Cell: (806) 782-4570     email: myles.opheim@smallchiller.com