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  ~ SERVICE ~  

    Service Warning Tips!

  1. Remove cap tube & consider replacement - (Flush condenser / evaporator separately)
  2. Evacuate & dry nitrogen pressure test before compressor installation with 2 fittings required - (Brazed plate evaporator sections and aluminum micro-channel condenser coils are the worst!)
  3.Check or replace starter contactor block
  4.Inspect circulating pump intake screen (possible blockage)
  5.Test circulating pump volume (use flow meter)


  Compressor Change Out Quick Tips additional information! (pdf) Click here



  Brazed plate evaporator Brazed plate evaporator  
  micro-channel condenser micro-channel condenser  
  Copper spun screen liquid line filter drier  
  Water-glycol sediments Water-glycol sediments  
  Water-glycol sediments Water-glycol sediments  
  Water-Glycol Cheat Sheet:  A Summary (pdf) Click here  
  Mineral Oil sediments Mineral Oil sediments  
  Mineral Oil sediments Mineral Oil sediments  
  Drop in Evaporator Coil - Stir Motor Bearing Change Resin Pack Motor - Disassembly  
  Resin Pack Motor - 12 Watt Resin Pack Motor - 12 Watt  

Examples of the Nichiden Kogyo service valve

part# ZVH-W

Adapting to SAE with Jerald-Brenda

part#'s A31614 & A33000

ZVH-W cutaway view
  No ingress protection Straight edge demo  
  Poor ingress protection KMV-150-M example  
  KMV-150-M Service Call

Inside cabinet looking out through the condenser coil. Notice: light bulb on


Inside cabinet looking out with building lights off. Exterior light bulb shows clean fins

KMV-150-M service call Why the powder? Has a clean condenser coil!


Use foam matress material in an attempt to eliminate EJ alarm

Even the HAVC tech must block airflow when testing. Failure to do so by-passes the condenser coil.


Ambient air flow requirement; RATING: 35 degrees C (95 degrees F)

Metric-ambient air passing over at 1 meter/second

English-ambient air passing over at 3.3 feet/second

FAIL: Axial ducting fan replaced by factory arrangement without shroud over condenser coil




  Daikin (DAIKIN Hydraulics)
  Daikin Hydraulics North America; All World Machinery Supply, Illinois
  Daikin Global / Daikin Applied / Fluorochemicals / Plant / Hydraulics
  Daikin additional information! (pdf) Click here
  Habor Precise
  The chiller and other refrigerated products of Habor Precise (once known as Ou Shih Precise) can be supported by some USA available, aftermarket parts. Your challenge, should you own or service one, is Habor's warranty policy. The machine tool distributor is about your only hope. Once that unit leaves the island of Taiwan, the warranty is not a factory issue. The chiller and cooling products of Habor Precise are built in Taiwan and three firms mimic each other in terms of oil cooling products: Habor Precise, Point (Wexton) and KauKan
  Kanto Seiki
  The chiller and other refrigerated products of Kanto Seiki are built in the Kanto region of Japan. Seiki in Japanese is interpreted as precise or having precision. Popular with Makino, Mazak, SNK, Toyoda, and others. Kanto Seiki is a good product line using mostly standard Japanese components. Kanto Seiki' s "norm" is to keep a design that utilizes constant speed, three (3) phase motors throughout. [Exception = MRSD models with variable speed compressor drive] Control circuitry is 200-220 volts AC, refrigerants R-22 & R-407c capillary tube expansion device until 24,000 BTU/hr. It is not known by this author what the factory has in mind with later model design changes. Design PLUS: "Spider coupled" shafting on circulating motor and pump for closed loop applications as long as the configuration does not crowd the components together.
  Kamui Company, Ltd. was established in 1960 as a manufacturer of heat exchange equipment. (Shell and tube, radiator, plate type, and immersion heat exchanger designs) Some systems were built with automatic temperature controls.
  The chiller and cooling products of KauKan are built in Taiwan and three firms mimic each other in terms of oil cooling products: Habor Precise, Point (Wexton) and KauKan
  Kouwa or kouwa liquid tuner (KouwaKougyo)
  Kouwa has very little internet presence. Their compressor of choice is Sanyo rotary and currently R-407C refrigerants. This chiller brand is popular on Mazak milling equipment.
  MAC Ltd
  The MAC Ltd line of chiller is OEM and usually a custom configuration for their machine tool customer. There are times when the machine tool builder specifies a MAC Ltd chiller with a layout (configuration) very similar to aftermarket cooling products. In other cases the location of the machine tool mounting does not allow an aftermarket substitution without theft of valuable floor space in the customer operations.
  National Temp Regulator
  National Temp Regulator is part of the family of companies associated with Matsushita. In 2008 the combined companies decided on the Panasonic name. The Matsushita Family had product and manufacturing acquisitions during the firms life and includes National Temp Regulator plus Panasonic, the once small consumer products division.
  Point (Wexton Precise Industries) North America - Global Machine Parts, Illinois
  Point is nearly a carbon copy of Habor Precise in terms of chiller offerings because both founders are native to the island of Taiwan. Both firms compete to supply Taiwanese machine tool builders. (Oil coolers, cutting fluid coolers, EDM machine coolers, water coolers, laser cutting and engraving machine coolers, optoelectronic and medical water coolers, air conditioners. The chiller and cooling products of KauKan are built in Taiwan and three firms mimic each other in terms of oil cooling products: Habor Precise, Point (Wexton) and KauKan
  Ryowa Company LTD. (Japan)
  Ryowa has had limited market penetration of its chiller into the machine tool industry. It does build some heat exchange components for the likes of Toshiba semiconductor, Mitutoyo Precision measuring tools, and Shinko Electric. However, the real claim to fame is electro depositing of gold onto electronic components. What few Ryowa products that you will see in North American machine shops will have been as a special order chiller or heat exchanger item with Mori Seiki machine tools and on occasion Okuma.
  Toshiba is more of a component manufacturer and consumer product producer as opposed to a chiller manufacturer for the machine tool industry. Yes, Toshiba does build some machine tools, but not so much as compared to others. This author has not serviced Toshiba water and oil chillers but they do label some models of rotary compressors under the Toshiba name. The Toshiba name is an acronym for Tokyo Electric Company and Shibaura when they combined in 1939.
  Wexton (Point) - See Point (Wexton)



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